Press Overview – 19 June 2018

Education and Campus

Asians are the main victim of elite-school affirmative action, Linda Chavez, The New York Post

Triple Jeopardy in College Sexual Assault Case Ends an N.F.L. Career, Melissa Golden, The New York Times

Duke Erodes Liberal Education, Peter Berkowitz, Real Clear Politics

Mutually Nonconsensual Sex, Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic

Homogeneous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty, Mitchell Langbert, NAS

Manufacturing Talent: The Future of Apprenticeships, Collin Gutman & Eric Seleznow, Real Clear Education

The Balancing Game, Terry Eastland, The Weekly Standard

Award winning teacher Kerstin Westcott’s resignation speech in Green Bay School, Christian R, Youtube

Real racism isn’t in Trump’s Twitter feed, it’s in America’s elite universities, Ying Ma, Washington Examiner

Politics and Current Affairs

Why Your Health Insurer Doesn’t Care About Your Big Bills, Marshall Allen, National Public Radio

Mueller Year One: Journalism’s Real Heroes Continued, Julie Kelly, American Greatness

Climate Change Warriors’ Latest Weapon of Choice Is Litigation, Jeremy Hodges, Lauren Leatherby and Kartikay Mehrotra, Bloomberg

Reeducating the Baristas, Andrew Ferguson, The Weekly Standard

French woman told they’re longer no allowed to enter cafes, shops or to go out, SuperNews, Youtube

An Official Evil Act Rivets Policy Debate Over Reform of Justice, Conrad Black, The New York Sun

Steve Hilton: Is Loony Left Gov. Jerry Brown killing California? What does that mean for America?,  Steve Hilton, Fox News

Obama — Just Too Good for Us, Maureen Dowd, The New York Times

You can read the white rage in their MAGA hats, Renée Graham, The Boston Globe

Normalizing Trade Relations With China Was a Mistake, Reihan Salam, The Atlantic

The Democrats’ Radical Turn, Kyle Smith, National Review

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