Press Overview – 28 Feb 2018


Academics say research is being hindered by universities’ fear of online backlash, Harry Yorke, The Telegraph

Will she ever overcome affirmative action’s stigma?, Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

The Free-Speech University, Tunku Varadarajan, The Wall Street Journal

Women go into science careers more often in countries without gender equality, John Timmer, Ars Technica

When School-Voucher Foes Called in the Feds … and Called the Shots, James Varney, Real Clear Investigations

A sexual harassment policy that nearly ruined my life, Patrick Witt, Boston Globe

At Yale, the Collapse of a Rhodes Scholar Candidacy, Richard Perez-Peñajan, New York Times


President Trump, if You’re Innocent, Why Act So Guilty?, Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

Gentry Liberals Own the Democratic Party, Michael Barone, Real Clear Politics

Rand Paul on Spending: “When Republicans Are In Power, There Is No Conservative Party”, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics

Drug criminalization is intrinsically harmful to human societies, Louis Sarkozy, Washington Examiner

What teenagers are learning from online porn, Maggie Jones, New York Times

Let’s ban porn, Ross Douthat, New York Times

Kim Yo-Jong, Sister of a Dictator, Gets Celebrity Treatment from U.S. Media, Ethan Epstein, The Weekly Standard

Dear America: Your News Media Absolutely Hates You, Ben Domenech, The Federalist

Wie ein falscher Islamist deutsche Behörden vorführt, Von Gil Yaron, Welt

Moslem-Kinderschänderringe schockieren Großbritannien, PI News

Talking over Tabouleh, Sasha Jones, Amina Kunnummal, Oliver Everhard, The Exonian

Nachzug von Zweitfrauen stellt Behörde vor Herausforderung, Welt

Bari Weiss and the Left-Wing Infatuation With Taking Offense, Shadi Hamid, The Atlantic

American Women Are Having Fewer Children Than They’d Like, Lyman Stone, New York Times

Like Peter Thiel, Tech Workers Feel Alienated by Silicon Valley ‘Echo Chamber’, Douglas MacMillan, The Wall Street Journal

Government unions are in deep trouble. And they have themselves to blame., Charles Lane, The Washington Post

The Media’s Walk-of-Shame Won’t End, Julie Kelly, AM Greatness

Labour faces backlash for banning straight white men from attending ‘equalities’ conference, Daniel Martin, Daily Mail

CNN’s Shameful Town Hall Is a Clarifying Moment on Guns,  David Harsanyi, Real Clear Politics

Putting Bill Gates on the Spot, James Piereson Naomi Schaefer Riley, City Journal

Angela Merkel has created Germany’s far-right, Fredrik Erixon, The Spectator

The GOP’s Gun Temptation, Kimberley A. Strassel, The Wall Street Journal

Tipster’s Warning to F.B.I. on Florida Shooting Suspect: ‘I Know He’s Going to Explode’, Richard A. Oppel Jr., Serge F. Kovaleski, Patricia Mazzei, Adam Goldman, New York Times

The Censorious Left’s Latest Mania: ‘Decolonizing’ Everything, Joanna Williams, The American Conservative

How DACA Shields Violent Gang Members, Rachel Bovard, AM Greatness

The silence of Susan Rice, Scott Johnson, Power Line

Mo. lawmakers could begin Gov. Greitens impeachment process, Associated Press, Chris Regnier, Fox 2 Now

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