29 August 2017 – Press Overview

Statues War

Capitol’s Confederate cleansing poses difficult decisions for Democrats, McLaughlin & Sherfinski, Wash Times

Thomas Jefferson, ‘emblem of white supremacy,’ targeted in UVa. students’ list of demands, Douglas Ernst, Wash Times

Our Post-Charlottesville Narrative Is A National Embarrassment, Daniel Payne, Federalist

A warning from George Orwell on the ‘monument wars’, Seth Lipsky, NYP

Trump is wining the statue war, J S Robbins, USA Today

The Distance Between Two Tragedies, Bernard-Henri Levy, WSJ

When liberals club people it’s with love in their heart, A Coulter, Townhall

Those Who Don’t Fight Evil Fight Statues, Dennis Prager, RCP

Southern Poverty Law Center

J.P Morgan’s Hate List, K Strassel, WSJ

Reminder: The Southern Poverty Law Center is a fraud and nobody should treat them as responsible actors, Emily Jashinsky, Wash Examiner

Why Is the Southern Poverty Law Center Targeting Liberals?, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, NYT

Free Speech, Academia, Other Topics

The Assault on Free Speech, William Galston, WSJ

Donald Trump: The ‘Fascist’ Who Cuts Taxes and Deregulates, Kerry Jackson, IBD

Mizzou Pays a Price for Appeasing the Left, Jillian Melchior, WSJ

Aldi To Spend $3.4 Billion Making Americans Very Much Richer – Just Like Walmart Did, Tim Worstall, Forbes

Liberals Shipwrecked, William Voegeli, City Journal

The Socialism America Needs Now, J B Judis, New Republic

Confirmed, ESPN is as stupid as we though, Ben Domenech, Federalist

The Kristol Crackup, Julie Kelly, American Greatness

Trump is right on the border wall and the numbers back him up, Jennifer Kerns, Wash Exam

Academia is heading off the left cliff. Can it be steered to safety? Wash Exam

Students are the new masters and the result is campus tyranny, Brendan O’Neill, Spectator

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