5 July 2017 – Scholars or Demagogues, Education or Indoctrination? – Part 2

The articles and videos below further exhibit to shocking state of the US education system. While its science and engineering faculties remain the best in the world, the softer fields are often completely swamped by demagogues, racists, Marxists and other hard leftists. This institutional take-over has dire consequences. It indoctrinates and brain-washes generations of students who come to hate America, the West, freedom, free speech and often become violent advocates for what is basically communism. Scary!

FBI after Bernie and Jane Sanders. Jane was high up in the education system and may have mis-managed funds.

Harvard Club Expels Female Members, Goes All-Male Again

When the Left turns on Its Own

Resistance to leftist PC-Mob at Evergreen violently attacked

Understanding the Angry Mob at Middlebury That Gave Me a Concussion, A Stanger, NYT

Other News:

Bridging the Conservative Divide

Maddow seems to blame weather for GOP victory in Georgia

The real answer to the administrative state

Don’t apologize for being honest about Climate Change






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