8 June 2017 – Press Articles

Terror and the Teddy Bear Society, Theodore Dalrymple, WSJ
The only man I ever met whose ambition was to be a suicide bomber was an inmate at the British prison where I worked as a doctor in the 1990s and 2000s. He was a career criminal of very nasty propensities whose father was Arab and mother English. He had reached his 30s, the age at which criminals usually turn away from crime in favor of something better—in his case the killing of as many infidels as possible, along with himself.
Europe is waking up to the need for change. We’ve been fighting the war on terror for a very long time, but we’ve recently seen an escalation. Tuesday, in France — which is still in a state of emergency since the 2015 Paris attacks — a man attacked police officers with a hammer, and officials have opened an anti-terror probe into the incident.
Ein Happy Birthday für die 68iger, T Preuss, Tichys Einblick
The jubilee of the “68” has now begun. Although they will be 50 next year, but the day when Germany’s best-known generation began, it was a year earlier, June 2, 1967. So the festivities were opened. Under the title “The True Legacy of 68” the “Die Zeit” even promises a 4-part series, which is to ask what was then and remains to this day of the generation that has so changed Germany.
The spirit of these years is still on the road, not only in the media, but also in politics. So one can be skeptical when looking back to the time when everything was twice the same. Germany, Europe, the whole world. Divided from the Iron Curtain, there was a capitalist West, led by the Americans and a Communist East, led by the Russians. There dictatorship prevailed, democracy in the West. And depending on which side you grew up, the view of this generation is a thing of the past.
In the west in jeans against the Americans …
From the east it has hardly changed. Because the “68iger” have hardly changed to this day. They still find that they were on the right side. After all, they fought against the evil in the world, and it was not for them that communism, but capitalism, which they wanted to abolish.
This also makes the difference. In the East we dreamed of him, because we had long since had a taste of communism. So we would be against him as much as the “68iger” against capitalism. But we did not live, but behind the Iron Curtain, in the unfreedom of Germany, any resistance could end at any time where he could only get rid of himself in a single cell. Unlike the West. In this the “68iger” grew up as a free generation, which existed in Germany until then. They could do what they wanted. Kiffen, fucking, demonstrating, there was anger only when they made some.
… in the east of jeans and America dream
They had their freedom from the very beginning on the part of the Americans. Without their protection they would have lived their lives as we did in the East. Nevertheless, one of the strongest feelings that connects the seventies to the present is their American-style. Instead of thanking them every day, they rather berated their protectors every day. They had such freedom, but they did not want to see it. They preferred to look for Vietnam, and what they saw there strengthened their world image only further.
On 17 and 18 February 1968, therefore, thousands of students gathered for a “Vietnam Congress” in the Freie Universität West Berlin, not far from the wall. One participant remembered this way:
“The Audimax of the Free University was held in the colors of the Vietcong. And behind the speaker’s platform was a banner with the sentences: ‘For the victory of the Vietnamese revolution. The duty of every revolutionary is to make the revolution. “
They are still proud of this today. The struggle “against the imperialist Vietnam war” still belongs to the life-spirit of the “68iger” and all its sympathizers. Even though they were on the wrong side. The Vietnamese are still grateful to them today for struggling to live in a communist dictatorship instead of in a democracy.
They did not appreciate the “68” at home, otherwise they would have supported the Americans instead of the Russians on their demos and the Vietnamese would have been spared the fate of a dictatorship. So it came differently and Vietnam became the next barrack of the “Communist camp”, as it was then called.
In the east, Vietnamese copies of jeans were made
It was as in the east of Germany, only that communism was even more miserable there. This was told by the Vietnamese, who were sent to East Germany after the defeat of the Americans as cheap labor. A few came to Dresden. Luckily. For some had previously worked in Saigon at a factory that produced Levi’s jeans. They had only to bring them stuff, then they tailor models that were closer to the real one than all the East Germans. So the defeat of the Amis had at least something good. Even though we were not so happy about them as the “68iger”. True to the old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and the greatest enemy of my enemy is my greatest friend, we were not” Russians, “but Americans, for America was for us all that we missed behind the Iron Curtain.
That was not a little. Sometimes the Communists did not even have enough to provide us with toilet paper. So there was very little, only occasionally or even more rarely, but the most important thing was never: freedom. You could only dream of it behind the Iron Curtain: Up to here and no further! Otherwise you will be shot on the way to the wide world.
One could see this most clearly in Berlin. Also the “68iger”. Berlin was finally its Hochburg and its Mekka Kreuzberg directly bordered the wall, the West Berlin since 13 August 1961 as a prison island moved. It was the free place east of the Iron Curtain, we always called it the “island in the Red Sea”.
“The wall must be gone!” Was not a slogan of the “68s”
They also defended the Americans and the “68iger” also benefited. Because the city was declared a “demilitarized zone” after 1945, there was no army, which meant that the West Berliners did not need military service. You just had to move and you already belonged to it. For many “68iger” from the west of Germany, this was the main reason to go to “Mauerstadt” in the east.
There they enrolled in the universities, which most of them afterwards only saw from time to time, instead of studying went on demonstrating, preferably against all wrongs in the world. Only the injustice in her own country left her strangely cold. Although it was right in front of her nose in Kreuzberg. But “The wall must be gone!” Was not one of their slogans.
There were hardly any protests in the West. A shot in the middle of Vietnam went around the world. A shot in the middle of Germany only in the back, the stomach or the heart. Thus the murders on the wall went unimpeded to its “socialist course”, the number of victims increased annually, to date the figures are not certain. In the 5 years until 1966 61 are known.
The first shot in 1967 was an “Ossi”
The first victim of the year 1967 was Max Sahmland, 33 years old, who on 17 February sought his way to the free part of Berlin. How, was reconstructed from the “Memorial of the Berlin Wall”:
“At about 2.30 pm Max Sahmland tries to overcome the signal fence. It triggers an alarm, whereupon the fire is opened from the observation tower Wredebrücke. The “border offender” showed “hit effects, but overcame the wire barrier,” said a letter from the NCO City Commissioner to SED politician Dr. Erich Honecker, also secretary of the National Defense Council. Max Sahmland escaped, escaped the Sperranlagen, and finally reached the banks of the Teltow Canal and tried to save himself by swimming. The border posts follow suit and shoot at him as he is already in West Berlin area. Max Sahmland is hit by several bullets: a bullet penetrates the right lung. “
So the shot, which did not meet Benno Ohnesorg four months later, was just one of the many fatalities that had been handed down in the city before, but he was the first to get the “68s” excited. For her, he was the last proof of their worldview. In this capitalism was evil and all its representatives the evil. In the case of West Berlin police officer Karl-Heinz Kurras, they were right in the end. However quite different from what they always meant.
It was something like the Supergau of the “68iger”. When the police department presented files in 2009 showing that the man who killed Benno Ohnesorg with a shot in the head on June 2, 1967, as an agent of the Stasi, was not a representative of the capitalist but of the communist system. The system, for which they were so fond of going. At the end, one of them killed one of them. If they had already known this at the beginning, everything that followed would probably never happen. They would have remained only the generation of the first hippies in Germany, instead of the first terrorists.
This also belongs to the view back to this time. In the “68”, their parents had asked from the outset why they did not mind the fascists raging in Germany. Today, it is the very first time that the children of the “68s” are asking their parents why they did not mind when the Communists raged in Germany.
They did not even look at it, but in the end I can understand it. I would have preferred to travel to India rather than to Bitterfeld. And fighting against America is still not as dangerous as against Russia. If you call Trump in the West, he simply “No”. If you insult Putin in Russia, the consequences are not calculable.
This will certainly not make the “68iger”. But to recognize his legacy, one must first assume it. The first steps have been taken. I hope I could contribute with my. So, in spite of all this: happy birthday. Also in the name of freedom. In the end, she won. Thanks to the “89”, but this is another story …

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