White Supremacy, Screaming, Violence and Flipping Cars – Value for Tuition Money?

The cost of college is rising far more rapidly than inflation. Are college degrees still value for money?

The cost of college in the US has been rising at around three times the rate of inflation for many years. Today it can exceed USD 65,000 per year, making the total price tag of a 4-year degree approach a quarter Million Dollars. A graduate degree may add that amount again so that for some professions ~USD 500,000 are required just to get into the labor force. To pay for this one has to have rich parents, take out enormous student loans, or, get the government involved, e.g. via tax payer funded college or government involvement in the student loan industry. These astronomical costs also burden other sectors of the economy. Tax payers are partially subsidizing the ever rising education costs. Customers of lawyers and doctors, for example, have to pay more so that doctors and lawyers earn enough to pay back the huge student loans they had to rack up in order to get their degrees. This makes healthcare and legal representation more expensive and hence less affordable and accessible.

What is the justification for these ever rising costs? Have colleges gotten that much better? Are they still worth the money? The videos below offer some insight as to what some current college courses teach students, who their Professors are and what kind of an effect this can have on young people.


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