The leftist-educational complex

Education ought to be a product offered on a free market in which students act as paying customers and teachers and schools as providers. Instead education is mostly a government controlled service with performance independent taxpayer funding, limited choice, immense regulations and a politically biased workforce which uses its political influence to put its own interests over those of students. This includes politically biased curricula and campus rules and regulations shaped according to leftist political ideology.

In free and capitalist societies private parties enter into voluntary transactions that only take place if there is a mutual benefit. Workers negotiate wages with businesses. If an agreement can be reached, workers get hired and work for a business, if not they go elsewhere. Customers make decisions every day on their own behalf whether or not to buy products made by businesses, with no regard for anything but their own benefit. The prices negotiated in billions of such individual transactions send signals to workers, customers and businesses as to what the most efficient way to get things done is. This free and capitalist system is the most successful societal system ever invented. It completely liberates people to pursue their own interests, and in doing so, benefit mankind.

The centrally planned socialist system favored by leftists (especially those on campus) does away with price signals and voluntary transactions and instead aims to plan society and economy. People are not free to work and shop for their own benefit, instead prices and production quantity and quality are centrally set by bureaucrats and politicians. Individual desire and ambition to succeed are replaced with a “plan”. There are no individual rights because individuals having rights diametrically opposes the existence of a central plan. There are many problems with this system, below a few are outlined:

  1. No person or group can ever be intelligent and virtuous enough to make decisions for millions of people in the same optimal way those millions can make these decisions for themselves. Even to a super-computer it is unknowable what each individual even wants.
  2. Humans are not robots. People are much more inventive and work much harder if they can keep the fruits of their labor and innovation for themselves, rather than having to give them to “the state” in exchange for a medal and pad on the back by the “supreme leader”.
  3. Bureaucrats and politicians are neither more virtuous nor more intelligent than market participants in a capitalist system. In a socialist system bureaucrats and politicians still act in their own interest and in doing so subjugate the interests of millions of citizens to their own personal ones. They pay themselves large salaries, hire their friends and family, find ways to line their pockets. Citizens notice this, rise up, and have to be put down for the system to remain in place. Socialism is hence an inherently violent ideology. Millions killed and starved to death in socialist places like Cuba, Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, North Korea, and others clearly attest to this.

As a result capitalist societies are far richer than socialist ones. The difference in the standard of living between an average person living in the US and an average person living in North Korea is stark, with the former having plenty of food, a nice house and three cars, while the latter has a tiny apartment shared with three generations of family, electricity only for a few hours a day, no internet, certainly no car and only scarce food. In a capitalist society one can succeed by working hard, being smart or by inventing or offering a product or service that many people want. In a socialist society the only way to succeed is by accumulating political power and thereby the ability to siphon off the fruits of the labor of the people.

Although socialism has always produced the exact same disastrous results, socialists will never stop assaulting capitalist societies from the outside and from the inside. From the inside this assault takes form in the continuous attempts to move parts of the economy from the free market to a centrally planned system under political control.

One example is education. Most students in Western society are not educated in schools run by private businesses who constantly innovate and improve and which are paid by the customer directly, but in government schools with government employees who favor tenured positions and statism and who are partially or fully paid by tax payers instead of customers. Most college students study not in private and completely independent institutions, but in organizations either run by federal or local governments or, partially controlled by governments via grant money and regulations. The very nature of these government controlled institutions naturally attracts employees who favor the government over the private sector. A vicious cycle is set in motion which after a few decades has resulted in a situation in which free market advocates among education sector employees are a tiny minority dominated by a massive majority of government regulation and tax and spend leftists. This is the leftist-educational complex.

Leftists in the educational sector in the US vote for and donate to (often by a 95% to 5% margin) leftist political candidates and parties (read Democrats). Leftist politicians return the favor and enact leftist legislation that further cements leftist domination in the educational sector, from generous and usually performance independent wages for teachers, professors and administrators, over affirmative action, teacher tenure, tenure track and tenured positions for professors and administrators, forced membership in teachers unions, over PC rules to government funding and grant programs for leftist causes, e.g. “climate change”. Also, there is a revolving door between government and academia. Some of the authors of the affordable care act – Ekziel Emanuel and Jonathan Gruber for example – are radical leftists in academia who got paid by the Obama administration to author the now collapsing bill. Educational institutions bloat up – meaning higher taxes and tuition fees – with teachers and professors that contribute nothing of value to their students’ education and administrative departments which are expensive and yet totally unproductive and instead engage in harmful activities aimed at limiting academic freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and pressuring students into adopting a leftist political ideology. There are many examples of the disastrous results of the leftist-educational complex domination of education. One of the most pertinent is that tuition fees have been rising at around three times the rate of inflation – useless professors and administrators still want to be generously paid – making education more and more unaffordable. Other examples can be found below:






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