Press Overview – 10 April 2018

Education and Campus

The 5 worst things about colleges in America, Bryan Caplan, New York Post

Asian-Americans can blow up America’s racial quota system. Will they?, Wesley Yang, Tablet

Undisciplined: Chaos may be coming to Minnesota classrooms, by decree, Katherine Kersten, Star Tribune

Conservatives’ campus con job, Ryan Cooper, The Week

Half of college students aren’t sure protecting free speech is important. That’s bad news, Cathy Young, LA Times

How America’s Ivory Towers Flunked at Chinese Democracy, Richard Bernstein, RC Investigations

What I Saw At A College Administrators’ Conference Will Make You Laugh And Cry, Patricia Daugherty, The Federalist

Colleges’ Central Mission Erodes – and Free Speech With It, Peter Berkowitz, Real Clear Politics

Identity Politics

How Europe’s Way of Denial Became a Way of Death, Samuel Gregg, Public Discourse

Is Tribalism Really on the Rise? Meh., Heather Wilhelm, National Review

How Genetics Is Changing Our Understanding of ‘Race’, Gray Matter, New York Times

‘Racist to its core’: Outrage as nurses are subject to a new code where they must announce their ‘white privilege’ before treating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, April Glover, Daily Mail

Australian nursing and midwifery code of conduct slammed over ‘white privilege’, Rohan Smith,

Current Affairs

Camouflaged Elites, Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution

How a Virus Spreads Through an Airplane Cabin,
George Dvorsky, Gizmodo

How Successful Climate Pressure Tactics Paved The Way For Gun Control Bullying, Julie Kelly, The Federalist

Repeal the Second Amendment, John Paul Stevens, New York Times

‘The Sequence’ Is the Secret to Success, Wendy Wang, Wall Street Journal

Someone is watching you, Mitch Daniels, Washington Post

Local Reporter Confronts Broward Sheriff At Democratic Club: “The Country Is Disappointed In You”, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics

Jews Are Being Murdered in Paris. Again., Bari Weiss, New York Times

Only Acceptable Opinions, Derek Hunter, Townhall

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