Press Overview – 5 February 2018


Florida State University banishes speech to graveyard area, Kelsey Carroll, Wash Exam

Pay for Some New York Private School Chiefs Nears $1 Million, Leslie Brody, The Wall Street Journal

Why I Resigned From Duke, Paul J. Griffiths, The Chronicle of HE

How China Infiltrated U.S. Classrooms, Ethan Epstein, Politico Magazine

A False Accusation and Unfair Investigation Derailed This Student Athlete’s Life, R Soave, Reason

California Teacher Slams Military Members as Lowest of the Low, Fox News

Unequal Gender Ratios at Colleges Are Driving Hookup Culture, Jon Birger, Money

How Much is Your College President Costing You?, Brian Burnsed, US News

An Open Letter to President Kiss and Elizabeth Holder from Students of Agnes Scott College, Scotties in Solidarity, Medium

Agnes Scott president defends cost of college during address to Buckhead business leaders, Dan Whisenhunt,


The Invisible Crisis in Europe, Sohrab Ahmari, Commentary

The Islamization of Oslo, Bruce Bower, City Journal

Trump’s right about the need to pick immigrants for skills, Rich Lowry, New York Post

The Democrats’ Dilemma: Immigration and the Welfare State, Spencer P. Morrison, American Greatness

Why Conservatives Are Proposing a DACA Deal, Michael A. Needham, Real Clear Politics

What if diversity isn’t America’s strength?, Jonah Goldberg, LA Times

General Politics

10 Thoughts on the President and the ‘S—hole Countries’, Dennis Prager, Real Clear Politics

A dangerous precedent on trade brought to you by solar panel tariffs, Bryan Riley, Wash Exam 

I wasn’t a Trump supporter. I am now. Mollie Hemingway, WaPo

A Summons to Save Democracy, P Berkowitz, RCP

The vanishing Obama presidency, Jeff Bergner, Virginian Pilot

What if H.R. McMaster Is Right About North Korea?, James Jeffrey, The Atlantic

The Feminist War on Common Sense, Heather Wilhelm, National Review

Obama’s doctor says Trump is in excellent health, killing the liberal dream of his ‘incapacity’, Tammy Bruce, The Washington Times

Margaret Atwood is a blood-drinking monster, Margaret Wente, The Globe and Mail

The #MeToo movement has officially jumped the shark, Andrea Peyser, New York Post

Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader., Bari Weiss, The New York Times

The poorly reported Aziz Ansari exposé was a missed opportunity, Jill Filipovic, The Guardian

Cory Booker: “I Am Frankly Seething With Anger” Over Trump Comments, “Had Tears Of Rage”, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics

Trump is commonsensically undoing, piece by piece, the main components of Obama’s legacy, Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Financial Sinkhole States In The Trump Tax Era, William Baldwin, Forbes

Friedrich Hayek’s Enduring Legacy, Roger Kimball, American Greatness

The Reflexive Racism of the American Left, Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

Know-Nothings for the 21st Century, Paul Krugman, New York Times

The question Democrats fear most, Rep. Tom McClintock, Washington Examiner

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