Press Overview – 5 January 2018


Memo to Harvard: Shut Up, J Marks, Commentary Mag

Tax Reform’s Warning Shot for Universities, Howard Husock, City Journal

Don’t feel guilty about our colonial history, Nigel Biggar, The Times

Nearly 60 Oxford academics are accused of bullying don who defended the Empire by writing an open letter criticising him, Eleanor Harding, Mail Online

Ethics and empire: an open letter form Oxford scholars

When Institutions Go Left, Emmett Tyrrell, RCP

Higher Education’s Deeper Sickness, John M Ellis, WSJ

Inside the fight over how to address San Francisco’s ‘state of emergency’ for black student achievement, Joy Resmovits, LA Times

PC & Identity Politics

Chess champion to miss Saudi Arabia tournament over women’s rights, Hannah Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian

How the ‘feminist’ left let women down in 2017, Nicole Russell, NYP

P.C. Language Saved my Life, Giancarlo Valentine, NYT

The Author: Language is meant to be inclusive, but most important, it is meant to expand, to be updated and challenged by the times. However, language can also repress: It’s not a coincidence that the people who are most often allowed to deem the world too sensitive and politically correct are the ones who wield power and privilege over others. For black people, this means white people; for gay people, this means straight people; and for trans and gender-nonconforming persons, this means the world.

A Reader Comment: My objection to this essay is that it reinforces the culture of taking offense where none was intended, and further, that it amplifies the competition among people who perceive themselves as “oppressed” as to who (or whose ancestors) have suffered the most. Less important, but still significant, is the assault on grammar and the shaming of those of us unwilling to muddy the language further by making the meaning of formerly unambiguous pronouns “them” and “they” (third person plural) uncertain when there was already a perfectly serviceable pronoun, “one,” that would have allowed for ambiguous gender without further damage to the clarity of language.

The Eleven Most Ridiculously PC Moments of 2017, Katherine Timpf, National Review

Current Affairs

Democrats, Taxes and Freedom, William Murchison, RCP

How the Era of the Big-Name News Anchor Crashed to an End, Lloyd Grove, Daily Beast

A Big, Beautiful Trump 2018 Issue, Kimberley A. Strassel, WSJ

Congress’s Gift to Blue-State Taxpayers, Alfredo Ortiz, WSJ

Donald Trump Evicted Elizabeth Warren from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Ronald L. Rubin, The Weekly Standard

A US drugmaker offers to cure rare blindness for $850,000, Meg Tirrell, CNBC

The Prince and the Community Organizer, Spectator


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