23 October 2017 – Press Overview

Education and Campus

Free Speech UK University Rankings

UK Universities told they ‘must commit to free speech’ under new plans, Telegraph

Eastern Illinois University’s ‘Lincoln Hall’ eyed for name change, Haley Toy, College Fix

The Misguided Student Crusade Against ‘Fascism’, Michael H Schill, NYYT

Full-ride, four-year college scholarships now offered through Coolidge Foundation, L Fox, College Fix


The Left’s Sirens Are Already Hinting Our Culture Wars Will End In Another Civil War, JD Davidson, Federalist

The Cancer in the Constitution, T Egan, NYT

How the teachings of Islam could help us prevent more sexual abuse scandals, Qasim Rashid, Independent

Feminists are failing to confront Islamic society’s treatment of women, R Fulford, Natl Post

The Europe Merkel Made, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Natl Review

From Golden to Green, Inside California’s ECO-Fundamentalism, Rupert Darwall, Encounter Books

Ted Cruz: A Pressure Point for North Korea, Ted Cruz, NYT

Ben Stein: “There’s No Institutional Racism In America At All Anymore”, RCP, Fox News


Why Hollywood is the perfect hunting ground for pervs, J Podhoretz, NYP

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