18 August 2017 – Press Overview

Hurrah for the ACLU, William McGurn, WSJ

The A.C.L.U. Needs to Rethink Free Speech, K-Sue Park, NYT

Excellent example of how the radical left rationalizes it’s war on free speech, with generous doses of identity politics and historical revisionism mixed in for good measure.

There is No ‘Nazi’ Exception to the First Amendment, Charles Cooke, Natl Review

The startling reality facing America in the wake of Virginia white power rally, Michael Goodwin, NYP

A warning from George Orwell on the ‘monument wars’, Seth Lipsky, NYP

James Damore, Google and the YouTube radicalization of angry white men, Sam Levin, Guardian

Don’t Even Think About Being Evil, Heather MacDonald, WSJ

What Swedes Give Up for ‘Free’ Money, Zach Maher, WSJ

The ‘free’ money of course comes from Swedish taxpayers themselves, and is hence not free at all. But in addition to having your income reduced by the tax burden, you also become subject to the army of state supervisors in charge of the various programs that your taxes finance. And so it can happen that those supervisors come to your home and interrogate you if you disagree to having your 2 year old daughter subjected to a full body CT x-ray scan under full anesthesia because of a broken leg.

The ‘Resistance’ Goes Lower, Kim Strassel, WSJ

The far left is going after Trump admin staffers, smearing and threatening them personally.

The Academy Needs to Confront the Danger Within, Clay Routledge, Quilette



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