3 August 2017 – Press Overview

Claremont’s Social Justice Warriors Face the Music, Sophie Mann, WSJ

Trump is right about China and North Korea, David Ignatius, WaPo

Why Trump Keeping Trans People From the Military is a Good Decision, Walt Heyer, Federalist

McCain on Transgender Military Ban: They made a mistake, J Herb & D Stafford, CNN

US Military Rewrites Laws of Biology, What’s Next?, S Gutmann, RCD

The Republican ObamaCare Crack Up, Editorial Board, WSJ

Partisan hysterics ignore the real Medicaid horrors, Betsy McCaughey, NYP

The Anti Fascist Fascist, D D’Souza, Daily Caller

‘Australian women need us to fertilise them’: Halal chief slams white men in Facebook rant, Frank Chung, News.com.au

Why Trump is Right about Immigration, Mark Krikorian, National Interest

Canada’s Ruthlessly Smart Immigration Policy, J Tepperman, NYT

The Problem of Competitive Victimhood, V D Hanson, RCP

Racial Justice Demands Affirmative Action, S A Ifill, NYT

Get Government Out Of The College Discrimination Business, David Harsanyi, Federalist




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