28 July 2017 – Press Overview

UK Authorities Ran The Clock Out On Charlie Gard’s Life, D Payne, Federalist

Why brilliant girls tend to favor non-STEM careers

Details on the Atlantic Philanthropies – with which the Rhodes Trust is now collaborating

Obama IRS Abuse Should Unite Trump and Sessions, Jerome Marcus, WSJ

House Frustrated by Senate’s Obamacare Failure, James Arkin, RCP

Murkowski and McCain Saved ObamaCare Just Months After Promising Voters They’d Repeal It, J Merline, IBD

USPS broke law in allowing workers to boos Clinton Campaign, watchdog says, Fox News

What To Do When Your Friend’s a Gay Republican, Michael Musto, OUT

Dump them …  The Comment section under the article is enlightening though!

Recent graduate: Roll back Title IX madness, Deion Kathawa, Detroit News

$2 Million Bathroom, John Stossel, RCP

With great examples on how government is incapable to make sound decisions in some economic areas.

PC revolution devours its children in Minnesota, T Lifson, American Thinker


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