11 July 2017 – Scholars or Demagogues, Education or Indoctrination? – Part 3

The Rhodes Must Fall/Science Must Fall/Everything Must Fall movement is part of a radical leftist political movement in South Africa and beyond that wishes to revise history. Below you can see what is currently going on at South African Universities (of course this plays out in the education sector, where else?).

What happened to America’s Elite?, R Curry, American Greatness

Other News

Anti-Semitism is creeping into progressivism, J Greenblatt, Time

Linda Sarsour Asks Muslims to Form “Jihad” Against Trump, Not to Assimilate, I Schwartz, RCP

Trump’s Warsaw Speech Threw Down the Gauntlet on Western Civilization, R Merry, American Conservative

The Conservative Resistance is Futile, D Gelernter, WSJ

Minimum Wage lowers Hours and Income in Seattle, N Kitroeff, LA Times

The $15 Disaster: Seattle’s grim warning for NYC, J K Melchlor, NYP

Seattle’s painful lessons on the road to a $15 minimum wage M McArdle, Bloomberg

The West will never be broken, D Trump, RCP

Canada’s Ruthlessly Smart Immigration Policy, J Tepperman, NYT

North Korean Horror: Brutal Torture (Graphic!), Fox News




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