18 April 2017 – Press Articles

The Right Opens Front in Fight Over Rhodes Scholars’ Namesake, Doug Belkin, WSJ
The Rhodes scholarship is one of academia’s greatest honors, but many current recipients and alumni have been aiming to knock its founder off his perch. Adding to the tumult is the refusal by the Rhodes Trust, which runs the scholarship program, to host Rhodes Scholars for Intellectual Diversity on its website. The trust says it won’t host the conservative group because its views aren’t being articulated by current Rhodes scholars, though it does make room for a group of current and former scholars aligned with those critical of Rhodes. Others labeled conservative postings on subjects like immigration, feminism and Islam as “dangerous,” “vaguely coherent rants” filled with “vitriol” and “tripe.” “In some sense the Rhodes Must Fall was a useful interlude,” said Mr. Conn. “It forced everybody to think about that question, who was Rhodes? What did he stand for? How would he compare to a John D. Rockefeller or a Ford or a Nobel? Alfred Nobel was an arms dealer and arms inventor.” But now, some of the beneficiaries of the scholarship he created are refusing even to salute him. Tradition holds that Rhodes scholars share a toast to their historic benefactor at an annual dinner marking the conclusion of recipients’ two-year course of study. For the past two years, no glasses have been raised to Rhodes. That bothers Sam Menefee, a 1972 Rhodes Scholar, who agrees with Mr. Lubrich about political bias within the Trust. “It’s like the national anthem,” said Mr. Menefee, an attorney from Virginia. “I can understand if you want to sit down through it, but to remove it altogether and prevent the people who like Rhodes and who appreciate what he did for us is a bridge too far.”

President Trump Should Run, Not Walk, Away From The Paris Climate Treaty, Joseph Bast, Federalist
The Paris Climate Treaty is supposedly an attempt to keep global temperatures from increasing 2 degrees C, but this objective is based on political science, not climate science. The goal is an arbitrary political target based on climate activists’ demands for a number, no matter how dubious or fake, to use in their fundraising letters and to appear on their signs at protests. There is no scientific evidence suggesting a warming of 1.9 degrees C is safe while 2.1 degrees C is not safe

Why Are Republicans Making Tax Reform So Hard?, Forbes, Kudlow, Laffer, Moore, NYT
In the aftermath of the health care blowup, President Trump and the Republicans need a legislative victory. Tax reform probably should have gone first, but now is the time to move it forward with urgency. Unfortunately, the White House seems all over the map on the subject. One day there is a trial balloon for a value-added tax. The next, the idea of a carbon tax or a reciprocal tax. And now we are hearing the curve ball of a payroll tax cut. Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, has thrown cold water on the idea of any tax bill meeting the August deadline. One sure lesson from the health care setback is the old admonition “Keep it simple, stupid.” The Republicans tried to fix the trillion-dollar health insurance market instead of keeping the focus on repealing Obamacare.

Liberal intolerance is on the rise on America’s college campuses, C Rampell, WaPo
Okay, maybe conservatives are right to freak out about illiberal lefty militancy on college campuses. Today’s students are indeed both more left wing and more openly hostile to free speech than earlier generations of collegians. Don’t believe me? There are hard data to prove it.

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