Free Speech is Disappearing from the Education System

The Education System is one of the safe spaces of the political left. Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren both sprang from it to political prominence. Unfortunately for students, the most extreme ideas of the political left are often first implemented in schools and colleges, before attempts are made to force them onto the wider populace. The dreadful movement to limit free speech in schools and on college campuses is one such example. Instead of training students to engage in vigorous debate in order to arrive at the best solutions to the world’s problems, many schools and colleges are today engaging in censorship, especially when it comes to views and opinions that “offend” the extreme political left. This is driven by a gradual lurch left in which left leaning professors teach with bias, which influences students which in turn influence their schools to lurch further left. One manifestation of this is the growth of school and college administrations. While teacher and professor headcounts these days tend to be steady or even dropping, admin departments grow rapidly and it is often the admin which first caves into demands from the most extreme students to create safe spaces and use the bureaucracy to clamp down on free speech, completely defeating the purpose of the educational system. The videos and links below provide more details.



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