24 March 2017 – Press Articles

The Freedom-From-Reality Caucus, WSJ

The House GOP yanked its health-care bill on Thursday ahead of a planned vote, and perhaps they’ll reconvene on Friday or later. But as Republicans contemplate wasting this historic reform opportunity, they should start thinking about the costs and responsibility of failure.

Students Allegedly Assaulted White Girls because Their Braids Were ‘Cultural Appropriation’, K Timpf, Natl Review

According to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, 20-year-old Carmen Figuera approached some apparently non-Latina members of the Central Maine Community College women’s basketball team and demanded that they remove their braids from their heads because it was “cultural appropriation.” Now, anyone with any logical ability whatsoever should be able to understand that it takes a very long time to unbraid tight, cornrow-style braids, which means that Figuera’s take-them-out-now demand was absurd on a practical level as well as on a philosophical one. But apparently, not everyone has been gifted with basic logic, because when the girls refused to remove them, Figuera allegedly started a fight with one of the girls, and then an another Hampshire College student allegedly physically attacked one of them as well, pulling the girl’s hair and causing her to fall down.

GOP cave on Obamacare repeal is the biggest broken promise in political history, P Klein, Wash Exam

Broken promises are as old as politics itself, and there are many famous examples of them in modern history. President George H.W. Bush’s “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge comes immediately to mind, as does President Bill Clinton reneging on his middle-class tax cut, and President Barack Obama never closing Guantanamo Bay. But in each of those cases, those were promises that were made in a given campaign by a given politician. The promise of Obamacare repeal is much different.

Liberals Prefer Illegal Aliens Over Your Kids, D Hunter, Townhall

A few weeks ago in this space I asked a simple question: How many victims of illegal alien crime will be enough to make Democrats and the media care about illegal alien crime? The answer was simple – there is no number. They’ll never care because they’ve hitched their fate to the prospect of legalizing illegals and winning their votes. But the problem they back-burner for political gain still smolders, and last week it claimed another victim…all in the name of “progress.”

Gorsuch’s critics, running out of arguments, falsely scream ‘sexist’, C Young, The Hill

The frustration many Democrats and liberals feel about Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination is easy to understand. They believe, with some justification, that a Supreme Court seat was stolen from them when Republicans in Congress explicitly chose to stall the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland for nearly a year to wait out the election. They also believe that, despite Judge Gorsuch’s excellent qualifications, his judicial philosophy which emphasizes following the intent of the law even if leads to an undesirable outcome is at odds with true justice, especially for the disadvantaged and the less powerful. For all those reasons, Democrats have vowed to filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination. Agree or disagree, these are legitimate political and intellectual arguments. What’s not legitimate is character assassination based on rumor, innuendo, and distortion.

An Obama Decree Continues to Make Public Schools Lawless, Jason Riley, WSJ

In 2012 the Education Department released a national study showing that black students are suspended from school at a higher rate than whites, and the findings fueled a predictable debate over whether school discipline policies are racist. Two years later, the department sent a letter to school districts warning them to do something about the disparity—in effect, to stop suspending so many disruptive black students or risk becoming the subject of a federal civil-rights investigation—and the results have been just as predictable. The title alone of a new report on the fallout, “School Discipline Reform and Disorder,” might tell you all you need to know. The author, Max Eden of the Manhattan Institute, notes that 27 states and more than 50 of the country’s largest school districts have moved to reduce suspensions in recent years, often to the dismay of those on the front lines. A Chicago teacher said her school became “lawless” after the new discipline policy was implemented. A teacher in Oklahoma City said “we were told that referrals would not require suspension unless there was blood.” A Buffalo teacher who was kicked in the head by a student said his charges are well aware of the new policy. “The kids walk around and say ‘We can’t get suspended—we don’t care what you say.’ ”


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