4 March 2017 – Press Articles

Trump’s Safe and Sane ‘Regulatory Reform’ Idea, Cass Sunstein, Bloomberg

The reform officers are charged with carrying out three earlier executive orders. The first is Trump’s own requirement that agencies eliminate two regulations for every one that they issue. More surprisingly, the second and third come from Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The Clinton order, issued in 1993, requires cost-benefit analysis of new regulations, along with approval by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The 2011 Obama order calls for “retrospective review” of existing regulations, with the goal of getting rid of those that don’t make sense. By requiring adherence to the Clinton and Obama orders, the Trump administration has signaled a degree of continuity with what came before. That’s a good idea (and it’s hardly deconstruction).

The Mob at Middlebury, WSJ

A mob tries to silence Charles Murray and sends a prof to the ER.

Middlebury College Investigating Violent Protests at Libertarian’s Speech, Doug Belkin, WSJ

Officials at Middlebury College, a liberal-arts school in Vermont, said Saturday that they were investigating a violent protest that erupted after a libertarian scholar’s speech about Donald Trump’s election and the white-working class.

Obama’s Legacy: Half Of College Students Now Expect Taxpayers To Bail Them Out, IBD

However, the combination of making it easier to borrow and seemingly easier to avoid paying back loans created a vicious cycle. Students were more willing to borrow, and less concerned about the amount, on the assumption that they’d never had to pay it all back. Colleges used the tidal wave of new federal loan subsidies to sharply increase tuitions, which in turn forced students to take on more debt. … Reinforcing this message of responsibility will, in turn, push students to be more careful about their decisions regarding college costs, their selection of a major, and their decision about how to pay tuition.

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