The Oxford “Rape Epidemic” and the Sorry State of Feminism

Millions of women live miserable existences in archaic cultures. Yet some feminists have identified Oxford and other Universities in liberal Western democracies as frontier in the fight for women’s rights.

Identity politics is an age old political strategy. It proceeds by grouping people based upon a real or perceived common identity characteristic such as skin color, gender, orientation and then finding a common “enemy”. Today it is used with some success mostly by the political left to transform groups of very different people into reliable voting blocks. Often this is done by infusing the groups with a sense of victimhood: Based on your race, gender, etc you have been oppressed by so and so, I am against so and so, so vote for me. Identity politcs is an effective way in which to gain political power. However, it is a disaster for a nation as a whole because it necessarily splits up a population, pitting people against each other.

Identity politics in the West today seems mostly aimed at white males. Everyone else (e.g. women, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, third world cultures, tribal people, etc etc) is seen as perpetually oppressed and victimized. Feminism today to a large part is a subsection of identity politics, painting women as victims. Among other things the movement claims there are rape crisis in the middle of Oxford and other Western cities where (especially white) men apparently engage in a rape culture that sees virtually all women being sexually assaulted in some shape or form. Not only that, there also is, according to the feminists, systematic discrimination against women in the entire society. Just like opponents of Barack Obama where painted as racists, so opponents of Hillary Clinton are hence called sexists. In order for identity politics to be effective, the targeted victim groups must be united for a common cause. This can make it necessary to turn a blind eye to occurrences where one victim group actually oppresses the other or where there is oppression even within groups (since groups are defined mostly by skin deep parameters, they can contain actually very different people). Examples are black-on-black crime and the sometimes brutal oppression of women in some Islamic cultures. These issues don’t fit the identity politics narrative of the common oppressor and so in some circles are rarely discussed.

It is easily seen that feminism today for the most part is a political movement of the left aimed at gaining political power, not at women’s rights. This is because surely if one had women’s rights at heart, the battle is not in Western culture, liberal democracies and free markets where women now outnumber men in colleges and are often making more money than men.

To further illustrate this point the video below shows one of millions of genital mutilation in Africa, another shows the brutal killing of a woman in Afghanistan who allegedly burned a Koran. In the West honor killings among some Muslim immigrant communities are common, as are forced marriages and child marriages. A group of Muslim immigrants for years specifically targeted white female teenagers, raping thousands of them in the UK city of Rotherham while the authorities turned a blind eye in fear of being called “racist”. In Oxford, one of the UK’s safest cities with some of the lowest crime rates, and within Oxford University, where sexual assault is rarer still, feminists nevertheless see a rape epidemic among the male student body. They ignore however cases where a group of Muslim immigrants actually raped women in the city of Oxford. Identity politics trumps women’s rights every time it seems. In Germany the government authorities systematically hid mass sexual assaults on women by migrants from Islamic cultures on New Years Eve in 2016. Only after massive pressure on social networks did police and political authorities admit that hundreds of charges had been filed against thousands of men from the Middle East and North Africa. In a particular eye brow raising case a young German woman, member of a left-leaning party, after being sexually assaulted by Muslim immigrants, accused German men for the crime. Her reason: fear of helping to fuel racism. She later corrected herself but still wrote a thank you letter to her attackers, apologizing for the racism in her country.

Warning: very graphic contents.

Women in many places are subject to abject abuse. To fight against it is dangerous and difficult. It requires going to unpleasant places full of poverty, violence and often archaic cultural habits. It is also a thankless task that does not bestow fame. Moreover, if one is a political feminist then the first loyalty is to the overarching political movement, say leftism, and the political strategy of identity politics. That’s why many feminists are blind to the horrid abuses of women that are going on inside other “oppressed/victimized” communities. It is surely “better” to rather invent a crisis closer to home and then try to profit from it from the convenience of ones arm chair…

Some facts, sources, further reading:

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Ladies, check your privilege

Crime rates at UK Universities
Crime in Oxford compared with crime in other similar areas
City of Chicago crime rates

At Oxford University there are roughly 11 violent AND sexual offenses per 1,000 residents. For comparison, the rate for the city of Oxford as a whole is around 20 per 1,000 residents. These statistics lump violent offenses and sexual offenses together, statistics from he US show that around 10% of the crimes in the category violent and sexual offenses are sexual offenses. They also lump together students and non-students. However, it would appear that the campus of Oxford University is safer than the city of Oxford as a whole, which by comparison, is safer than most other UK cities. This directly contradicts the narrative that there is a rape wave going on at Oxford University.

Statistics and facts don’t matter

“The alcohol, nights out culture, is specific to universities,” she says. “It feels like it’s getting worse. It’s [rape culture is] getting more overt and obvious. It was always there, but the stuff the younger students are saying, and the pressure on them to be sexual, and in a very demeaning way, and the pressure to say I enjoy it and accept it [is worse].” The pressure she’s talking about comes from experiences that are specific to universities. Elite universities like Oxbridge are well known for their drinking clubs and societies, which often require membership fees or mandatory initiations. No one really knows what goes on in these clubs, but some of my female friends have told me about such initiations where they had to take off their tops, eat a banana from a guy’s lap and perform lap dances for the men.

This segment in the cited article talks about pressure. Women “had” to take of their tops. What does the article mean? That the women were forced at gun or knife point to take off their tops in someones basement? Or that it was part of a drinking or other game from which they could have walked away anytime? Surely it was the latter. Only the former constitutes a sexual offense, the latter is a voluntary act. A sexual offense requires the element of coercion or lack of consent. Being asked to perform a lap dance or to take ones top off at a party does not fall into this category because the women being so asked can simply decline. Only when a decline elicits a violent response targeted at overcoming it is a sexual offense being committed. The muddling of consensual sex with rape is part of the political tactics of the left because it fits into the victimization agenda of the identity politics strategy.

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