The Popular Rejection of Campus Leftism

President Barack Obama, a Democrat, was elected in 2008 due to the unpopularity of George W Bush, a Republican, because of his like-able persona, because of his opponent John McCain and because as the first viable (half) black candidate he presented a chance for America to prove to the world that America is not a racist country, a charge often levied against the superpower. Obama was swept into office with promises of hope and change. Democrats won a majority in the house and a super majority in the senate and so controlled the legislative and executive branches of the US federal government. The stage was set for renewal, uniting the country, doing away with bad legislation, putting the country on a path for economic growth.

Instead of embarking on an agenda for positive change Obama, who had spent most of his professional life as a campus leftist, lecturing law at the University of Chicago, instead went to work immediately implementing campus leftist ideas in America. Sweeping legislation was passed along partisan lines without seeking bi-partisan buy-in. The Affordable Care Act, written by campus leftist such as Jonathan Gruber and Ekziel Emanuel (brother of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel), the 4,000 page long bill was voted into law without lawmakers taking the time to read it. Just the coding and implementation of the website cost several hundred million dollars – a silicon valley start up could have done it for less than USD 1 Million. Today the law is a clear failure. Premiums for health insurance plans with very limited provider networks and deductibles of several thousand dollars still run to USD 500 to 800 per month per person, that’s up to US 10,000 per person “insured” under the ACA. More people may be insured, but insurance does not mean care and someone still has to pay for all of this. The ACA did not create new supply of medical care, it simply distributes wealth, away from healthy working adults, to sick and often non-working ones.

Obama used un-elected “Czars” to oversee the bail-out of the financial and the auto-industry, using tax payer dollars to prop up failing business at the cost of successful ones. His energy department gave billions of dollars of loans to questionable start-ups, many of them were never paid back because the start-ups failed (e.g. Solyndra). His secretary of state set up a wholly private email server system, the reason for which very likely being a desire to hide that her foundation used her access to government power in order to solicit private donations to the foundation often from hostile foreign players. It looks like Obama knew of this and communicated with his secretary of state via an email alias. Obama used the power of executive orders and executive agreements to tighten the regulatory noose around American business and to make deals with hostile foreign governments, paying ransom money for American hostages. His foreign policy yielded no progress instead emboldening foreign adversaries. The melt-down of Iraq and the Middle East, the rise of ISIS and international Islamic terror, Russian aggression around its borders and Chinese aggression in the waters surrounding China all happened under the watch and weakness of the leftist President. Common core, a federal take-over of local schools was implemented by executive order by giving states federal tax payer money incentives. Neighborhoods were changed by penalizing/incentivizing communities in order get “minorities” to live in affluent “white” suburban neighborhoods (in the name of diversity and social justice). On several occasions Obama directly interfered with ongoing criminal investigations on racial lines, once proclaiming that if he had a son, that son would look like Treyvon Martin. He invited representatives of the radical leftist and racist group Black Lives Matter into the White House. His near constant mockery of every day Americans as angry, racist, bigoted, desperate was echoed by his former secretary of state who simply described them as “deplorable”.

Campus leftists are convinced that their views are the right ones, so convinced that their natural instinct always is to ban all other views, in the name of political correctness and language policing. However, while Trump’s victory was narrow, one has to remember that it was accomplished against nearly the entire mainstream media, a powerful political machine on the left and even against opposition from the right. Also taken into consideration have to be the apparent personal flaws of the former candidate and now President elect. It is equally important to remember that not only did voters take away the White House from the leftists, they also withheld the Senate and the house from them. In addition they reduced the number of governorship the Democratic Party holds from 19 to 16 out of 50, Republicans now holding 34 governorship. The Democratic Party further lost around 900 elected positions on the state level, state senators and state legislators. It has been devastated.

Not only have campus leftists policies left the American economy in the doldrums, they have also decimated the Democratic Party. It’s aging leadership line-up is partially radical, with socialists Warren and Sanders now in leadership positions with the Democratic minority. The stage seems set for a hard left turn on the left, despite the popular rejection of these polices.

All this should be remembered the next time campus leftists get together and gang up in trying to shut down free speech and free assembly with claims of racism and bigotry and in the name of social justice, diversity, moral superiority and general goodness. Their views and ideas are not new. They have been tried many times in many different places in various forms, with always the same result: poverty, oppression, death. From the National Socialists German Worker’s Party’s disastrous rule in Germany, over 50 years of oppression of Eastern Europe by the Soviets, over Mao’s decimation of China, Pol Pots mass murder in Cambodia, the destruction of the once powerful Argentinian and Venezuelan economies, leftist policies always have the same result: destruction, oppression, starvation and despair. Even closer to home in places like Detroit the failure of leftist polices reek. Home to 2 Million people in the 1950’s decades of leftist rule has seen Detroit shrink to just 700,000 often very poor residents, all while the US population has doubled. Leftism is sometimes hard to compete with, free stuff always sounds good. The problem is who pays for it. After 8 years of Obama’s leftists policies enough people realized that it was them who have to pay for the “free stuff” and that yes, it does affect working people if business is crushed by regulation because most people work in businesses and it is business that provides the great advances of society, not government bureaucrats, czars and commissars.

In the academic bubble campus leftism will continue to thrive however. Professors are tenured, the administration is all powerful, campus “intellectuals” pretty much all hold the same ideas and views and so students beholden, especially since they need degrees to enter the labor force. Removing the left’s monopolistic rule over the academic sector is difficult but bigger hurdles have been overcome by many people many times.

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