Identity Politics and Self Segregation – More Bias on Campus

In an example of the true face of the campus left a group of UC Berkeley students recently blocked off a bridge on the UC Berkeley Campus. They allowed “colored” people to pass but prevented, by using physical violence, white people from walking over the bridge. Similar incidents happen all over the US and are spreading to other countries as well.

As the video below shows, the campus left is not always subtle about what it really is. It’s members usually make claims of moral superiority, altruism, righteousness, wanting to help people. But these tactics are used like the proverbial wolf uses the proverbial sheep skin. The video depicts what is much closer to the campus left’s true face. It shows overt racism and the use of violence, in particular violence against people who clearly have nothing to do with what the protesters want: you guessed it, “safe spaces”, colored safe spaces to be precise. Does that sound like segregation, self-segregation so to speak?

Clearly, if your goal is to rid the world of prejudice you wouldn’t do so by promoting prejudice. The goal of the campus left is not of course to end prejudice, this is just a ruse. The true goal is the acquisition of political power, which means increasing their numbers in powerful, well-paid positions with a focus on, among others, government, bureaucracy, education. The strategy is divide and conquer. One major tactic is identity politics. Split people up by race, gender and orientation, pit them against each other or against a common foe in an attempt to have them support you and distract from the failures of your own policies: a failing education system leaving millions of school kids and college students without a useful education, ballooning government debt, a stagnant economy, disappearing liberties and an overbearing regulatory bureaucracy, including ever growing and ever more expensive college administration offices with their many directors and vice presidents, paid for by your tuition fees and taxes.

Many public schools leave their students without basic maths, reading and reasoning skills, despite expenditures of on average over USD 10,000 per student per year. Many colleges and universities graduate their students with an education that renders them noncompetitive in the market place. There are millions of college grads with fancy sounding degrees and steep student loan debts who now work in low paying jobs much better suited to high school students earning money part time; think of the ubiquitous college educated Starbucks barista working for USD 9 per hour with no hope of ever recuperating the cost of his or her “education”.

Humans as pets

These failures are a natural consequence of the world view of leftists. In their view human beings are not capable of taking care of themselves. An elite comprising academia, media and politics is required to guide and plan society. Naturally this requires the use of force if a “deplorable” steps out of line. The leftists on and off campus do not comprehend that it is in the nature of humans to want to improve their lot and that they will always do so successfully when left alone to their own devices. All that is needed are freedom and the rule of law, two concepts diametrically opposed to leftist politics. If people are free to make their own choices then how can their thoughts, speech and actions be guided, planed and controlled? If there is law and order – the rule of law – then how can we leftists have a rule of men/women? How can we arbitrarily penalize, reward, sanction and punish to make people abide with our plan for society? With so much failure is it a surprise that the campus left uses denial of facts, distortion of language, ridicule, embarrassment and shaming of their opponents (which they typically think of as enemies) as weapons of political persuasion?

In the video below Prof David Gelernter explains how political bias among faculty on campus causes many students to have “no clue”. This makes them susceptible to the indoctrination tactics of the campus left.

No free lunch

Information and awareness can go a long way when dealing with campus leftists. Although “shut up” and “go away” are their prime arguments, the free societies they seem to loathe so much do grant them the right to agitate against freedom. In a way, hearing a campus leftists fantasize about equality and social justice can remind one, if one has studied ones history, how precious freedom is and how easily it can be taken away if societies get complacent about not countering the constant assault of the left on the pillars of free societies, under the ruse of equality, righteousness and general goodness. Shame though about all the tuition money wasted on non-teaching and non-research offices, e.g. college safe spaces, diversity offices, speech code offices, political correctness offices, equality offices, women’s offices and many other administrative overhead departments that cost money but don’t teach and don’t research. Someone has to pay the generous salaries of the wonderful, altruistic, self-righteous people that watch over the student body, making sure no one steps out of line with thought and speech that questions the policies of the campus left. That someone are the students who pay tuition fees. But then the campus left has a solution for that too. Government run college! Funded by the taxpayer. But wait a minute! What do students become if they manage to find a job in this stagnant economy? … Exactly! They become taxpayers! There is no free lunch and leftist ideology and dogma certainly carry a steep cost.

Besides questioning the efficacy of affirmative action, the video below also shows the “professional arrogance” of the left (the leftist professor does not care about empirical evidence) and its habitual personal attacks on their opponents: as it becomes clearer and clearer that he is losing the argument the leftist professor starts calling Dr. Sowell “Mr. Sowell”.

Exaggerate your numbers to scare your enemies

Ancient armies often gave each soldier two or three torches to carry, or dragged objects behind their carts to kick up more dust all in order to make their numbers appear larger. Leftists use this tactic today as well. Anyone who steps out of line is usually attacked in a “one-against-many” scenario by a group of leftists who take turns in tearing the “deplorable offender” down, usually with ridicule, personal attacks, shaming (Saul Alinsky teaches how to do this) – almost never by actually engaging in a discussion. But this does not mean that radical campus leftists are in the majority. But they are intellectually homogeneous, loud and aggressive and are so able to shout down and shut down a great many opponents (enemies) who don’t agree with them. This tactic becomes harder if their opposition organizes. This is the main reason why leftists are after the right of free assembly as well.

From liberalism to leftism

In the recent decade or two the politics to the left of the center has moved much further left. Power has been transferred from what could be described as liberalism, to leftism. By its nature, by its view of the world, by using government to redistribute wealth, liberalism inherently has an oppressive streak. By favoring government action in many different areas liberals necessarily need to be either forcing citizens of today to give up more of their income, the fruits of their labor, to taxes, or, by racking up debt, force citizens of tomorrow to do so. However, “old-style” liberals do have an understanding that wealth does not “exist in unlimited quantities in the basement of the treasury department” but that it has to be created by private citizens with ingenuity, work, taking risks. They typically like to tax and spend, but would be careful with imposing punitive taxation that completely eliminates incentives to work and be mindful of the separation of the public/government sphere and the private sphere. These “old style” liberals, think perhaps of John F Kennedy, disagree /disagreed with conservatives on a great many things but they agree/agreed on some basic principles, a common culture of discourse, individual rights, the need for private enterprise and a market economy, allowing the other side to speak and to exist.

Leftists on the other hand usually disagree completely with the way a free and civilized society runs. Due process? How can we shut our enemies up if we have to do more than just accusing them of offending, threatening, oppressing, spamming and raping us? Equal opportunities? No! Equal outcome, no matter how smart you are or how hard you work, you can’t have more than others, except if you’re a leftist. All people are equal anyway, so no one can have more talent or different skills/preferences than another person! Except leftists of course, we are smarter, so shut up and go away! Individual rights? What’s that for? We don’t want to hear you speak, and we don’t want others to hear you speak either! Go away! I will complain to the administrator/warden/professor about you threatening and offending me! Individual responsibility? No! The outcome of every person’s life is solely determined by how much advantage or disadvantage they have based purely on the basis of the color of their skin, their gender and their orientation. Life is about identity politics from cradle to grave! If your skin has this color then success means you have oppressed someone. Go away, feel guilty and shut up! If your skin has that color then failure means you’re a victim, don’t get up and try again, rather vote/support/join for us, we’ll make it all better.

A large part in this radicalization of left wing politics has to do with campus leftists using academia as a base from which to launch a movement for political power. Examples: Barack Obama, a standard bearer of leftism, has for most of his pre-presidential life been a lecturer in academia. The Affordable Care Act was in large part written by leftist academics. Common core, a federal standardization of education also is a brainchild of the campus left. Due to its intellectual homogeneity and its access to vast funding the campus left is politically quite powerful and should not be underestimated or be understood as only operating in the ivory tower. These people have wide reaching political ambitions and the will and the resources to significantly and permanently change free societies into less free ones. The current PC, safe-space, trigger warning, identity politics culture is not an abberation that will go away on it’s on. Rather it is a deliberate strategy of attacking the pillars of free societies. That’s why it is so important to oppose campus leftism.

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